Office assessments include balance testing, an important measure of brain and body function.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Q:  Why is balance important?

Balance is a useful way to measure brain function because it can be measured and observed.  Often times, injury to the brain will challenge pathways that allow normal balance.  Loss of balance can be a sign of concussion and a tool to measure recovery.

Q: What is required during balance testing?

The patient will be asked to balance, with the use of iPad technology and Sway Balance software.


Sway Balance System

The Sway Balance System is a balance measure that provides a score.

Sway Balance measures stability using the built in motion sensors of an iPad to quantify postural sway. A score is provided on a 100 point scale with 100 being completely stable and 0 being unstable. Scores can be averaged, or measured and compared over time as a measure of improvement.