On-Site Group Baseline Assessment:

Requires a minimum of 10 persons and at least 10 computers each with a mouse and internet connection.*

ImPACT neurocognitive testing and education session:

10-19 people: $25 per person

20 or more: $20 per person

Full battery of multidimensional baseline testing (includes neurocognitive, oculomotor, and balance assessments, as well as education session):

10-19 people: $50 per person

20 or more: $45 per person

Individual In-office Baseline Assessment:

Assessment typically takes 1 - 1.5 hours and patient must be 12 years or older

Includes parent and child individualized education session,  ImPACT neurocognitive, King-Devick, and Sway Balance testing as well as an education session: $100

Post Concussion Assessment:

Assessment typically takes 2 hours, patient must be 12 years or older and have suffered a sport-related concussion

Includes full evaluation of history, symptoms, vestibulocular function, ImPACT neurocognitive testing, King Devick testing, and Sway Balance testing as indicated.  Guidelines for return-to-learn and return-to-play provided to the patient:  Filed with the patient's insurance provider.

Tailored Education Session:

One hour of education tailored to a specific audience.  Typical audiences include student-athletes, coaches, teachers, parents, school administrators, or health care providers.  Focus points will be provided and a customized presentation to suit the needs of your audience will be provided: $150 within 30 mile radius, pricing increases for further travel.